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World Marketing WC-2 Kerosene Heater Wick Chart General Filters 1A-30 Replacement Oil Filter Cartridge World Marketing 602A Manual Siphon Pump
Kero World Kerosene Heater Wick Chart, Dimensions: 0.05 x 8.5 x 11 in 10-micron wool felt. Center core bonded to prevent media migration. Necessary for transfer of fuel from storage tank to heater. Easy to operate utilizing a large ball type siphon. Compatible with all types of kerosene heaters.
Mr Heater F276152 Heater Fitting Plumb Pak PP10-8SN Coin Air Valve Mr Heater F276154 Hose Assembly
Male pipe thread x left hand male thread. Plumb Pak Coin Air Valve, Metal, Satin Nickel, Dimensions: 2.94 in L x 2 in W x 2.06 in H Male pipe thread x left hand male thread.
Mr Heater F276153 Cylinder Adapter General Filters 2A-710u Replacement Oil Filter Cartridge Plumb Pak PP827-9 Loose Key Air Valve
Male pipe thread x left hand male thread. 10-micron wool felt. Center core bonded to prevent media migration. 1/8 x 27 NPT.
World Marketing DH-31 B Style Replacement Kerosene Igniter Mr Heater F273117 Thermocouple Lead Mr Heater F276129 Cylinder Adapter
Igniters are an important component of correct heater operation. By using an igniter you can avoid unnecessary dirt and damage caused by match lighting. Replacement part for most Mr. Heater tank top models. Proir to 2011. "Soft nose P.O.L. Most commonly used to connect 9/16"" female left hand thread to 7/8"" female  P.O.L."
Mr Heater F276139 Cylinder Adapter Mr Heater F276495 Coupling Nut Mr Heater F273754 Throwaway Cylinder Adapter
1/4 in male pipe threat. Restricted flow, soft nose P.O.L. Most commonly used to connect 1/4 in female pipe thread to 7/8 in female P.O.L. End fitting for Type 1, QCC-1 gas grill systems. For appliances with 80,000 Btu or less. Threaded shut-off, excess flow safety. 1/4 in male pipe thread x 1 in -20 female throwaway cylinder thread.
Mr Heater F273755 Throwaway Cylinder Adapter Mr Heater F273655 Cylinder Adapter World Marketing 504K Kerosene Replacement Wick
1/4 in male pipe thread x 1 in - 20 male throwaway cylinder thread. Soft nose excess flow P.O.L x 1/4 in male pipe thread. For BANDO BK96. COMMANDER CH-96. EASY 2220 and 2000. FANCO RAD9600,CART100 and CART96. GEMINI III SYK10000. GOLD STAR 50-50. HEAT MATE K-5 and K-10. IMARFLEX 10000, 10500 and 11000. KERAY (Ker-O-Ray) Hawaiian. KERO-HEAT CT1400, CT1500, IT1000. KERO-SOLAR Master, KMI-81 and KMI-82. KERO-SUN Radiant 8, 10A-M and 22. LITWIN (Comforter) C110 and C150. LOUDI F960 Yukon. MULTIPLEX (Yeih Tung) HT-02 and YD-789. PORTA-HEAT SYK-10,000. PROSPERITY II HT-02 and CKH-4900. ROBESON 2601-32, 2602-32, R9600, R10500, RAD20. SAMARITAN S8200 and SR9600. SUNSTAR EZ2220. TOYOSET (BY KERO-SUN) R96. TOYOSTOVE/TOYOTOMI RSA10G, 10, RC11, RSA21, RSA23, RSA24, RSA50, RSA85, RSA25A, TSR22, RSA8Radiant 8. VAN WYCK (see also Robeson) 2601-32 and 2602-32 (RA R9600).
World Marketing 20401U Kerosene Replacement Wick Mr Heater F273699 Fuel Filter World Marketing 28048 Kerosene Replacement Wick
For AMERICAN WICK AWHR-1100, 1101 and AWRF-1140. DURAHEAT DH1000-1011 and DH1100. DYNA-GLO 31494, 31495, CT1200, RMC-55R, 55R7, 55R7B and RMC-65F. ENVIROTEMP 30492 (CT1100), 31494, 31495 (CT1200,CT1300F) RMC-55R, RMC-65F and RF-1300. HEAT MATE HMHR1101 and HMRF1140. KERO-HEAT CT1100, CT1200, 1300F, 30492 and RF1140. KERO JET SCT1100. KERO-WORLD KW-11(B-F), KC1100-1104 SENGOKU CT1100. TOYOKUNI 26EU. MEGA 110. REDSTONE RMC-55R7, 557B. For use with "Buddy" heaters. Most commonly used with bulk cylinder and hose assembly. Replacement wick, fits models Kero-World KC1208, Dyna Glo RMC-11C, 11C7, DuraHeat DH1050.
Mr Heater F271163-30 Hose Assembly World Marketing 20430 Kerosene Replacement Wick World Marketing 601KWK Cordless Siphon Pump
3/8 in male pipe thread x 3/8 in female flare. Most commonly used to hook a low pressure regulator to an appliance. Replacement wick. Fits KeroWorld KW-12, KC1211. DuraHeat DH1051 and Redstone WK11C8 kerosene heater models. Necessary for transfer of fuel from storage tank to heater. Powered by 2-D cell batteries. Batteries not included. Convenient On/Off switch. Compatible with all types of kerosene heaters.
Mr Heater F276130 Throwaway Cylinder Adapter World Marketing 508 Kerosene Replacement Wick World Marketing 32000 Kerosene Replacement Wick
9/16 in left hand male thread x 1 in - 20 throwaway cylinder thread with shut-off. For ENVIROTEMP 30495 (O230) and SEARS 35102 (SC-230). KERO SUN O105M, N, O120A, B, O230, 30495. TOYOSET(By Kero Sun) O230, SC-230. TOYOSTOVE/TOYOTOMI KSA120, WC105E, R, WC-120. For AMERICAN WICK AWHC-2230 and AWOR-2000. COMFORT GLOW C20000, GC19 and R15000. CRESTLINE 38, 803 and 881. ENERGY MART EM51C. ENVIROTEMP 30496 (CV2230). FANCO CONV22. HANDY MASTER HM-19. HEAT MATE HMHC2230 and K-20. IMARFLEX 20000, 21000 and 22000. KERO-HEAT CV2000, 2200, 2230, 30496 and 250. KERO JET SCV2230. KOEHRING KC-19. LITWIN (Comforter) C 200. ROBESON 2603-32, C20000 and KHZ-2620WG. ROBESON 2622, 2623, 2620 and 2618. Sears 40302, 40314, 35100, 40315, 40317. SENGOKU CV2230. TOUCH & GLOW CR15 and K-20. VAN WYCK (see also Robeson) 2603-32 (CONV 2000).
World Marketing 509 Kerosene Replacement Wick Mr Heater F273761 Low Pressure Regulator Mr Heater F276136 Pressure Regulator
Kero World Replacement Kerosene Wick, Replacement, Specifications: 6 x 5 in Size, Fiberglass, Suitable for: 30494, 30497 Envirotemp Heaters 90 deg low pressure regulator with appliance end fitting and Acme nut is most commonly used on propane gas grills. 3/8 in FPT x P.O.L 11 in low-pressure regulator will operate barbecue grills and low pressure appliances.
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